Went to bed in Carcassonne, woke up in Narnia…

This is my last post of 2016 ot the first of 2017, depending when you are reading this and it’s not even mine! I’ve been meaning to post this ever since I first read it. Our new house is only thirty minutes from Carcassone and, although, we’ve been there several times, I have never seen Carcassone in the snow – yet!

One of my favourite books is the ‘Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.’ I’ve read the whole Narnia series; I read them as a child, then to my brother and sister, and eventually to my own sons. So, Narnia, like Carcassone, has a special place in my heart.

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Different Shores

I had an amazing winter weekend in Carcassonne, a tiny city that can be overwhelmed by visitors in summer. It’s atmospheric at any time of the year – the citadel apparently inspired Walt Disney’s castle in The Sleeping Beauty – but the gargoyles and flickering lamps are best appreciated after the tourist buses leave.


It was dull and grey when we arrived on the Friday, with pewter skies.

I had no idea that snow was coming (my Nokia brick had no weather apps – innocent times!). But on the first morning there was that muffled hush in the street outside the shuttered windows, that strange cloak of quiet that tells you there has been a snowfall before you even see it.


Carcassonne was blanketed in white, with deep virgin drifts everywhere, and the local children were sledging down the slopes that lead up to La Cité.


Every gargoyle had an icicle beard and the old city seemed frozen…

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