I need to talk about…dog poo

Or poop, as our friends across the pond might say.

I apologise for raising this unsavoury topic but it has been on my mind for some time.

Here in France, I am very impressed by the amount of free doggie poo bags that are available to dog walkers.

In the uk, we have to provide our own. As a conscientious dog walker, I don’t mind that at all and have always cleared up after my dogs.

So why, in France, don’t people USE them. I don’t get it. I have spared you from any photos of the copious amounts of dog poo(p) that decorate the streets and pavements here. Instead, I have photographed the free bags and also the signs asking people to clear up after their dogs.

I am not alone in my opinion. In a brilliant article entitled:

‘Mind the merde: why can’t French cities clean up after their dogs?’ Phil Hoad
of the Guardian echoes my feelings.


Rant over…




3 thoughts on “I need to talk about…dog poo

  1. Hey. June. You get no argument from me. If you recall when I wrote about my painful shoes, I WOULD have taken them off and walked BAREFOOT through the streets of Paris’ City Centre, but due to the dog shit, I couldn’t! It’s such a contradiction. Parisians love their dogs and it’s wonderful that they can be treated like humans, but the shit isn’t picked up!!!


    • Ha ha! I love the way you get straight to the nitty gritty and talk about dog shit – which it is. Unlike very British me, referring to poo !!! You’re right tho; the French love their dogs. Apparently they’re second to us Brits in terms of European dog owners but… Are you great ‘picker uppers’ – have I just invented a word? – in the States? June xx


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